Plan for Prosperity Seminars

Do you want to PROSPER financially?

  1. Are you a couple with children wanting to know how to balance life between living for the now yet provide for your retirement?
  2. Do you want to know what all the talk around buying property in a Self Managed Super Fund is all about?
  3. Do you have a Financial Plan?

What Ziggy is asking is Do you want to PROSPER financially?

Please Join Me For My Upcoming Seminar on How To Create Your Own Prosperity for You and Your Family.


About Ziggy

Ziggy-_114 ‘Ziggy’ is one of Australia’s most personable holistic financial planners.

Where most financial planners are limited to giving advice on either shares or superannuation, Ziggy is one of only a handful of Australian financial planners licensed to advise on all financial planning aspects – from property, to shares, and Self Managed Super Funds. Ziggy began his accounting career in 1990 having advised a multitude of business clients and worked closely with the Bob Jane T-Marts Group.

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