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‘Ziggy’ is one of Australia’s most personable holistic financial planners.ziggy-pic

Peter Ziggy is CEO of 3P Corporation , (Home Office, St. Kilda Rd., Melbourne)  is a holistic wealth creator, author and entrepreneur. He is one  of a handful of financial advisors licensed to advise
on all aspects of wealth creation…from property to shares and self managed super funds. He has a passion for the human side of money and is driven by his organisation’s motto of Passion- People –Prosper.

Peter Ziggy’s passion  to simplify the process of  wealth creation is manifested in  his book, Money DOES Grow on Trees!

Wealth creation is a real privilege – you’re delving in  all aspects of a person’s life – from wealth, health and relationships. I really enjoy hearing  how people are doing life… their challenges, their celebrations and their disappointments – and to be a part of their journey is the ultimate reward..

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Phone:0413 485 083

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