Ziggy has made a number of television appearances and is now part of GRTV, running the finance segment Money Does Grow On Trees. You can catch all the episodes here! Ziggy was also asked to appear on a business show commissioned by Telstra Business and produced for them by CBS. The four business shows were hosted by Australia’s best small business author Andrew Griffiths. Ziggy was part of an elite panel of business owners who covered a range of challenging issues that face small businesses today.

The panel’s aim was to explore the issues and provide an insight on how the individuals on the panel deal with these issues day to day in their own businesses and to provide tips and suggestions.

Of the panel Ziggy said “I had a great time, it was great to be part a group that is passionate about small business and customer service. We thrashed out some really challenging topics and off course were led by the great man himself, Andrew Griffiths.


Doing Small Business Better – Episode #1

Welcome to our first panel discussion in the “Doing Business Better” small business series. The aim of these panels is to share ideas and suggestions that will help small businesses owners do what they do better.

The topic for our first panel is “Working Smarter”. Everyone talks about it, but what does it really mean and how do we do it?

For some people it means being incredibly efficient, for others it means outsourcing the work they don’t enjoy. How is working smarter tied in with avoiding business owner burnout?

There is little doubt that the world we do business in has changed dramatically in recent years, this means working smarter is not an option, it is a necessity.


Doing Small Business Better – Episode #2

Welcome to the second panel discussion for the “Doing Business Better” small business series. This week our discussion will focus on the concept of being a customer centric business.

This is a term that is used a lot, but what does it really mean? When it comes to building stronger relationships it all revolves around managing customer expectations, which sounds simple enough.

Where do businesses go wrong when it comes to customer service? And what are the most important factors to consider to get it right?

Whilst the concept of delivering great customers service, and being customer centric should be a priority for every business, sometimes it can get a little lost in the day to day pressure of doing business. This panel discussion provides some insights on getting it right.


Doing Small Business Better – Episode #3

Welcome to the third panel discussion for the “Doing Business Better” small business series. In this panel we talk about technology and the impact it is having on small business.

Is technology helping or hindering your business? Most business owners agree that technology has transformed how they do business, through mobility, apps, cloud and various other innovations.

For many business owners though, technology is also proving a challenge. Keeping up with new advancements, making the time to learn how to use new technology and staying on top of communication, specifically email, is proving hard.

The real opportunity is learning how to manage technology and that is the main theme of this panel.


Doing Small Business Better Impact Of Technology

Welcome to the fourth and final panel discussion for the “Doing Business Better” small business series.

This panel discussion addressed the concept of creating a “Resilient Business”. Today more than ever, the concept of being resilient is discussed openly amongst small business owners. What does being resilient mean to you?

Resilience covers a lot of ground, from financial resilience to personal resilience and everything in between. A resilient business can weather virtually any challenge.

So how do we create a resilient business? That is what we cover in this panel.

Thank you for tuning into the “Doing Business Better” small business series. If you enjoyed the panels and found them valuable, please let us know. If there are topics you would like us to cover in the future, we would love to know.


Doing Small Business Better Series Highlights