Ziggy has been working with the team at Foxtel’s GRTV on a new finance segment, Money DOES Grow On Trees, for the show. If you missed an episode, catch them all here!

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Episode Thirteen, What You Don’t Know About Super Part 2

Catch up with the second part of Ziggy’s super super advice. Tackling the easy slip ups, myths and facts.

Episode Twelve, What You Don’t Know About Super Part 1

Watch as Ziggy helps you suss out your super, looking at common problems, easy mistakes and topped with a healthy dose of advice.

Episode Eleven, Where There’s a Will There’s a Relo Part 2

Watch as Ziggy talks Estate Planning, inheritance and the facts you need to know.

Episode Ten, Where There’s a Will There’s a Relo Part 1

In this segment Ziggy covers Estate Planning in the context of wealth creation. Not all assets automatically form part of your will, a good example is superannuation and so in this show Ziggy provides a list of assets that are NOT automatically included in your will and how to put strategies in place to protect your wealth.

Episode Nine, Risk Management Part 2 – Insurance on TV

In this episode Ziggy delves a little deeper into the world of Personal Insurances.  He covers the different types of insurance and when you need it.  Also, given personal insurance can now be purchased online and on daytime TV, Ziggy gives some tips to watch out for.

Episode Eight, Risk Management Part 1 – The Insurance Question

In this episode, Ziggy delves into the different types of insurance and why it might be the best option for you. In part one of two, Ziggy illustrates his points through statistics and anecdotal evidence.

Episode Seven, The Risk of Investing and your Risk Profile

In this episode Ziggy covers the various risk profiles an investor can have and asks the question – What Is Your Risk Profile? – as this is closely aligned to your investments and how they should perform.

Episode Six, Do It Yourself Financial Planning

In this episode Ziggy gives some tips on how to do your own Financial Planning

Episode Five, Don’t Fall Into The Poverty Trap!

In this episode Ziggy covers this concept known as The Poverty Trap where not enough planning (and investment) is done in the working years. Unfortunately, that reality hits home for many people when it’s too late. But how does this happen and what can be done to avoid? All covered in this episode.

Episode Four, How to purchase property within a Self Managed Super Fund.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) are all the rage right now and lots of people are setting them up to purchase property. But how can you borrow within a SMSF and what is the structure that needs to be put in place? Ziggy cover this in episode.

Episode Three, How Do I Find A Good Financial Adviser?

Many people find it hard to find someone they can trust, let alone find someone who could give them financial advice that’s in their best interests. In this episode, Ziggy gives some of his tips in finding a good adviser.

Episode Two, What should be in a Financial Plan?

We all know we should have a Financial Plan in place but what is in a Financial Plan and what should be included? Join Ziggy as he covers this on this week’s show.

Episode One, How Much is Enough?

Having been asked to host the Finance Segment on GRTV (Foxtel and Ch31) Ziggy covers the all important topic of “How much is needed in retirement?” How much do you need and how do you calculate it? These and more are answered on the show. For further information go to