About 3P

At 3P we have a PASSION for PEOPLE to PROSPER.

I’m so excited… I have to let the cat out of the bag.

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During 2015, I’ve been busy leading my team in the development of a service delivery model that will change the way professional services are delivered and accessed.

Well, we are nearly there… nearly ready to disrupt the market and make a big contribution to people’s lives.

You will soon appreciate a powerful relationship based approach from the top to the bottom of each of the 3P service delivery pillars. What are these pillars I hear you ask? Sorry, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. For now, just know that it is the structure upon which the 3P service-delivery vision, intention, strategy, ideology, organisation, and normalisation are bolted, ready to power my passion for people to prosper.

The 3P business model responds to the needs of Gen Y and X, SME’s, and retirees in a visionary way whilst keeping true to what makes us all prosper in life… strong and sustainable relationships with people we trust and who exude a passion to serve.

Soon you will see the launch of a broad offering ranging from financial services to legal to accounting to property investment in Melbourne with an aggressive growth plan for other parts of Australia.

It’s a game changer; it’s a deliberate strategy to make people prosper financially andin other aspects of life such as health and relationships. You can either doubt me or get on board with me for the ride… up, down, and around the 3P pillars!

I’ll keep you posted.

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